Looking Glass Reads is a blog dedicated to reviews, articles, and news about speculative fiction, manga, light novels and graphic novels. It was founded in October 2016 by Brittney Soban and Kathleen Townsend. The pair have experience with publishing agencies, journalism, editing, and fiction writing.

To learn more about Kathleen or Brittney as well as what their favorite genres are, please visit their biography pages.

Looking Glass Reads focuses on speculative fiction first and foremost – that is fantasy, science fiction, and horror. We also read and review manga and graphic novels of all genres. Light novels – short, serialized works that are generally fast reads – are also reviewed.

Authors and publishers are invited to submit queries if you are interested in having your novel, manga, or graphic novel reviewed by us. If you are interested in having Looking Glass Reads being a stop on your blog tour or have another collaboration project in mind we would love to hear from you! Please see our Review Policy page for more information and to ensure that your work meets our guidelines.

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