#MangaMonday – ne0;lation by Mizuki Yoda and Tomohide Hirao

Front cover of manga ne0;lation Vol 1 ne0;lation
By: Tomohide Hirao
Illustrator: Mizuki Yoda
Translator: Christine Dashiell
Release Date: Dec 10, 2018 to Apr 27, 2019
Publisher: Shonen Jump

Many manga come and go from the pages of Shonen Jump magazine. Some have decades long runs and become foundation works within the genre. Others find themselves canceled rather unceremoniously. At only 19 chapters, ne0;lation written by Tomohide Hirao and art by Mizuki Yoda is a manga that, I believe, was canceled too soon. What few reviews I’ve found on this newer addition to Shonen Jump rate it rather mediocrely – a manga that wasn’t terrible but didn’t keep their attention either.

#Readathon – Reading Rush TBR

I am a bit late on this TBR considering the Reading Rush readathon has already started, but I wanted to share what I’ll be reading over the course of the next week. Reading Rush is an annual readathon hosted by BookTubers Ariel Bissett and Raeleen Lemay. The readathon was begun in 2013 under the name “BookTubeAThon,” but changed names this year.

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O.W.L. Readathon TBR – 2019

Last year I participated in the O.W.L.s Readathon, a readathon based on the O.W.L. exams all 5th year Hogwarts students take in the Harry Potter series. It’s almost time for the 2019 O.W.L. Readathon, and I’m here today with a little information about the readathon for anyone who wants to participate along with my TBR.

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