Review Policy

We accept books for review!

What We Accept

Looking Glass Reads focuses on reviews for speculative fiction – the umbrella term for all fantasy, science fiction, and horror – books as well as young adult and graphic novels/manga. While we’ll both read just about anything, we ask to please keep any review requests or books sent to us within these genres. Subgenres such as high fantasy or space opera (just two of many, many examples) are also accepted and encouraged!

We accept any style of book for review. That is, we’ll read novels, novellas, anthologies, graphic novels, manga…anything really. Our only stipulation is that it has to fall somewhere within fantasy, science fiction, horror, young adult, or graphic novel/manga.

Please Include

When sending review requests or review copies, we’d like to ask if you could please leave some information on the books author, title, plot, and genre in your email. This always makes the process easier. Also, if you have any timeline involved, are looking to have your book reviewed by a certain date, etc., please state this in the email so we can see if we can accommodate you.

What We Can’t Do

While we would love to be able to review every book sent our way, it just isn’t possible. In a perfect world, filled with infinite amounts of time, e-readers that never run out of battery, and bigger-on-the-inside bookshelves, perhaps. Alas, we’ve not found the frequency to that sub-dimension yet, and are stuck here, in regular time and space. Between our own to-read piles and the more mundane day-to-day of regular not-living-in-a-different-dimension life there just isn’t time for everything. If we don’t review a specific book, or don’t review a specific book in a timely manner, please don’t take it as an offense.

Final Notes

One final note. On our About Us page you can find information on the two reviewers here at Looking Glass Reads as well as some of our favorite genres/subgenres. If you’d like one of us specifically to read your book just make a note of it in your email.

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