Kathleen Townsend (Co-Founder)

Kathleen Townsend (Co-Founder)

Kathleen writes things, reads things, and writes about things she reads. She is the co-founder of Looking Glass Reads, a blogger, a writer, and freelance editor. Being fed a steady diet of ghost stories and fantasy novels from a young age, she has loved books ever since.

Kathleen would like to thank her husband for introducing her to the wonderful world of manga, anime, and light novels. Once she discovered manga in high school she never looked back. After studying Humanities and Art History, Kathleen has garnered quite the appreciation for art. Whether its brightly colored graphic novels, black and white manga, or simple illustrations, she’s a sucker for a pretty picture. After stints in museum education, video game journalism, and ghostwriting, Kathleen is here to stay.

Favorite sub-genres include: high fantasy, epic fantasy, folklore & mythology, shonen, isekai, mech, cyberpunk, steampunk, time travel, dystopia, and apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, LGBT+/Queer manga and novels. She also loves novels that touch on alternate dimensions and world line theory.

Note – Kate does not review any books from publishers she currently has freelancing contracts with. If you don’t see reviews on the last book in your favorite series we’ve been reviewing, this is why.

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