Why You Should Read Boyfriends. by Refrainbow

Webcomics aren’t exactly a new medium. These web-based comics are very popular with both artists and readers, and they have some of the absolute best artists and writers working on them. Sites like WEBTOON have become enormous powerhouses with award-winning webcomics and huge industry names on their platform. But this isn’t about the webcomics industry as a whole. Today I want to talk about the webcomic Boyfriends.

Boyfriends. is a story about four boys in college who begin a polyamorous relationship. It’s soft. It’s sweet. It has incredibly lovable characters. The color palette is perfect. And you should read it right now.

Now, I’m not always a huge fan of romance, rom-coms, and the like. In fact, I tend to be a bit overly critical of them. That perfect sweet spot can sometimes be a bit hard for me to find. Heck, I have a whole series of articles over on Funimation that started because I don’t like romance and wanted to find some that I could watch and love (beginning with “Anime to Watch When Your Partner loves Rom-Coms and You Don’t”). So why am I here singing the praises of a romance webcomic from my proverbial rooftop?

Because it does everything right.

The color palette is filled with pastels and soft colors, and the series sticks to this almost exclusively. It is only our titular characters (Prep, Goth, Nerd, and Jock) who sometimes stray from this. For example, Goth usually wears black, something that often stands out in panels. Backgrounds are often rather vague or else slightly surreal, again putting the focus solely on our four main characters. And boy can they hold your attention.

The four boys are unnamed. Largely, the dialogue avoids names entirely, but when characters are addressed by one another, a small image of the character’s face appears. This is quite clever and a rather unique storytelling choice, one I’ve not come across elsewhere. The group of four is also very diverse. One of the main characters is gay Prep, another trans goth, a third bisexual Jock, and the fourth pansexual Nerd. This is a very diverse group of characters and the representation is just perfect.

Now, if you aren’t already sold, there’s one more thing I want to talk about. This webcomic is like a warm hug. The characters are instantly likable, and you want to root for them from the very first chapter. However, they all have their own distinct personalities, fears, and flaws. Even so, this isn’t a drama-filled story. Fears and insecurities are quickly discussed when they come up, and characters work through potential issues without letting them linger or fester. Honestly, these characters could hold a whole ‘How to Healthy Relationship’ course with ease.

If you’re up at three a.m. and are unable to sleep, as I was when I found it, this is the perfect answer to your insomnia. It’s sweet. It’s cute. The characters are instantly loveable. And I cannot recommend it enough.

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