Review – When

By: Victoria Laurie
Release Date: January 13th, 2015
Publisher: Disney Hyperion

I am pretty sure I’ve had this book on my radar since the first day I saw it in Barnes & Noble in 2015. Still I didn’t buy it and I never read it until last year.

The premise is intriguing but I have to admit that there was always another book that caught my eye over this one. This book goes head to head with the human desire to know the future.

Maddie Flynn, a shy junior in high school, can see everyone’s death date hovering above their heads. Her mother, an alcoholic, forces Maddie to use the gift to get money but when Maddie provides a death date for a client’s young son the mother is upset. However, upset doesn’t cover it when, on the date, the client’s son goes missing.

Soon law enforcement is breathing down Maddie’s neck and she finds herself a suspect in his disappearance as well as the target of a murderer.

Yeah, if high school isn’t difficult enough.

Overall I enjoyed this book and was glad I decided to finally read it. I have to say the officers handling the case, and thus harassing Maddie, drove me up a wall. Again, as with most YA novels where teens are involved in dangerous things I want to scream about where the hell a responsible adult is and then to see adults harassing a teenager, well I was angry.

In the end, the characters were well done, the plot kept me reading and I finished this book quickly.

A fun side note if you look on the author’s website she herself is listed as a psychic. I wonder how much of this story was autobiographical in nature, if you believe in psychics that is. On that topic, for me, the jury is still out.

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