#WickedReads – 5 Times Edison Could Have Used a Break and Shared a KitKat

Happy (day after) Halloween, everyone. Today, we are celebrating Halloween, candy, #wickedreads, and sharing some candy with friends. This week I was invited participate in the #WickedReads campaign being run by Penguin. The book this post is based on is a fantastic middle grade graphic novel by Frank Cammuso titled Edison Beaker Creature Seeker: The Night Door.

Due to the nature of this post, there are going to be some spoilers. I’ll try not to spoil too many huge plot points, but I will be mentioning various events very briefly. If you haven’t yet read Edison Beaker Creature Seeker: The Night Door by Frank Cammuso and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading here, go find a copy of this wonderful graphic novel, and dig in. Everyone else, let’s dig in!

Without further ado, here are 5 Times Edison Could Have Used a Break and Shared a KitKat with his friends.


1.Uncle Earl Tells A Story – When is there a more perfect time to share some candy with your family than while listening to a story? Sitting in the living room listening to scary stories with my younger siblings was a huge part of my own childhood. So, Edison, take out that trick-or-treating haul and share some with Tesla and Uncle Earl while you listen to a fantastical, somewhat spooky tale that may be a little more truthful than it first appears.


2. Waiting in the Truck – Look. Waiting for your uncle to check out a work call at a scary old warehouse in the middle of the woods during a power outage can be you know, scary. And when it isn’t spooky can be pretty boring. So, to take your mind off of the strange noises coming from the warehouse, open a kitkat, and give your sister half. And remember – always hold onto your hamster and watch out for stray pterodactyls.


3. The Keystone Goes Over the Cliff – Sometimes no one wins. Things don’t go your way. They don’t go the bad-guys way, either. And, basically, everyone’s in a lot of trouble. In these situations there’s only one thing to do. Sit down on the edge of a cliff with your younger sister and Baron Umbra’s three henchmen, rip open a kitkat, and break everyone off a piece. Maybe between the comfort of candy and shared tragedy you’ll work together to find a way forward. You don’t need all that backstabbing. Just share some candy, take a breather, and find a way to work together!


4. Knox – Guys, I don’t think Edison took my advice. Things have gone from bad to worse. But! The power of candy will prevail! And if decades of watching anime has taught me anything its that the power of friendship will conquer all every time. So, grab a kitkat, break it in half, and try to get to know Knox a little better. Because the darkness is creeping closer, the keystone is still missing, Baron Umbra is still after you, and two family members and a hamster are missing. So it’d be really, really great if you and Knox were on the same page.


5. A Chat in the Dark – Sometimes your lost in the dark with the terrifying voice of a trickster whispering from some unknown corner. Now, ladies and gentlemen, and Edison, you listen up to. Offering candy is better than, say, the only source of light in an otherwise pitch-black cave bottom. Offer a piece of a kitkat bar during your chat. Everyone likes candy. Maybe you’ll come to some kind of an understanding. It’s worth a try, at least, right?


And there you have it. Five times Edison really should have reached into a Mary Poppins like pocket, pulled out a few kitkat bars, and started breaking off pieces for everyone to share. I want to say a huge thank you to Penguin for inviting me to be a part of the #WickedReads Middle Grade campaign. This was a ton of fun to write and the graphic novel a ton of fun to read. So, my lovely readers, go check out my fellow bloggers #WickedReads posts on their blogs and instagrams. Also, if you liked this post and want to see more fun content like this let us know below!

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