Looking Glass Reads Turns 2!

Happy Birthday to us! Looking Glass is now officially two years old! Time has really flown by. I’ve read a ton of books, I’ve learned a lot more XML and HTML. And I’ve gotten to edit some amazing work in my freelancing life. Now, lets look forward to next year. And, more importantly, next week!

There are some truly exciting things coming to Looking Glass Reads. First, we recently participated in Penguin’s #WickedReads blog campaign during Halloween week. This was a whole lot of fun, and you can read our fun post on the middle grade fantasy graphic novel Edison Beaker: Creature Seeker here. Next week we’ve got some more exciting blog tour news! We are participating in The Arrival of Missives Blog Tour with Aliya Whiteley, who will be posting a guest author post right here on our blog on Nov. 15th.

Now, I do want to make an announcement review-wise. Due to conflict of interest, I won’t be reviewing any of Yen Press’s manga or light novels moving forward. I do some freelancing with the publisher, so reviewing those titles just feels a little squicky.

As for other posts that will be going up, I hope to participate in more blog tours moving forward. I’ve been having a lot of fun with these, and definitely suggest checking out our blog tour posts. I also hope to have more fun posts similar to our #WickedReads themed post. What sort of non-review content would you lot like to see? Let us know below!

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