Review – The Guns Above by Robyn Bennis

The Guns Above: A Signal Airship Novel
By: Robyn Bennis
Release Date: May 2, 2017
Publisher: Tor Books
Series: Signal Airship

The Guns Above is the story of Josette Dupris, the first female captain of an airship in Garnia’s military. Usually, women in the military don’t make captain and aren’t allowed in battle. But the country is in the middle of a long war, and the death of Josette’s former captain mid-battle forced her hand. Now armed with her own ship, Josette has to navigate her first captain post, test out a brand new type of airship during airtime. Not everyone is happy with this new appointment, though. When a prominent general sends his nephew aboard to report back on Josette’s flaws in order to dismiss her from her new post, what will happen?

Review – Remnants of Trust by Elizabeth Bonesteel

Remnants of Trust
By: Elizabeth Bonesteel
Release Date: November 8, 2016
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Series: Central Corps #2
Received From: Publisher
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This week marked the release of Remnants of Trust, the second novel in the Central Corps series by Elizabeth Bonesteel. This is a fast paced military science fiction novel that has a lot going for it. The story begins with Captain Greg Foster and Commander Elena Shaw, freshly returned from a court martial and assigned to the relatively empty Third Sector. But things aren’t quite as quiet as they assumed as the Exeter, another ship from Central Gov, is attacked by raiders. Even after the Orunmila, a PSI ship, comes to the rescue the ship is destroyed, half the crew is dead, and the captain maimed. To top it off, a traitorous saboteur is on the loose.