Review – The Last Move

The Last Move
By: Mary Burton
Release Date: September 19th, 2017
Publisher: Montlake Romance

This is the first book I’ve ever read by Mary Burton and let me just say how impressive it was. Honestly the story pulled me in from the start and I instantly became a fan.

As I understand it Mary Burton writes a mix of series and stand-alone novels and I was very glad I picked this one to start. In this book we meet Kate Hayden, a FBI agent looking to put monsters away as a form of keeping her own nightmares from surfacing. When she is brought back to San Antonio to investigate a crime she realizes that there are two options, the man Kate originally arrested for the Samaritan crimes wasn’t the killer or she’s dealing with a highly formidable copy-cat.

Paired up with local homicide detective, Theo Mazur, Kate must put everything she thinks she knows about this case and the man she put away for it, aside in order to catch the person killing and to stay alive herself.

With a mix of point of views and a lot of creepy parts from the killer’s side I was honestly extremely nervous that all the characters would make it out alive. As a result of my nerves I read this book in one day and then dove into Mary Burton’s works to find another gripping tale.

If you’re looking for a stand-alone, romantic suspense novel that actually feels suspenseful, I definitely recommend you pick up The Last Move. You won’t be disappointed.

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Brittney is a writer, reader and general lover of all things that end up printed on a page. With a few published poems and a lot of unpublished stories and novels she spends her days doing a nine to five job while wishing she was home working on the worlds she loves to create. As “punishment”, her and her brothers were banned from watching television for a week, leading to Brittney deciding that the free books at the library were better than TV and, in a very Matilda fashion, she took home loads of books every day and has never looked back. A reader of all types of literature, she will read practically anything put in front of her as long as something within it, no matter how small, sparks her interest. Give her high fantasy, science fiction, mystery, it doesn’t matter, but her love does lie within the fantasy and YA genres. A series junkie on top of everything else, she picks and chooses when to begin a series based on how many standalone books also await her attention in her to be read pile. Once she starts a series she will read every installment available back to back until she finishes a series or is forced to wait for the next publication. Called a book dragon by her boyfriend, the term is fitting as she owns more books than anything else and is quite sure her obituary will state she died under an avalanche of books. She truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

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