Happy Birthday!! Looking Glass Reads Turns 1 Year Old

Halloween has passed. We’ve completely skipped over the crisp autumn weather and gone straight to the bitter cold of winter. And … I missed the blog’s birthday?

Yeah, apparently I did.

Welp, a couple of weeks ago we had my birthday and the blog’s birthday. Between birthday celebrations, a (partially) unrelated party at my parent’s house, and being a bit scatter brained, I completely forgot the big one year marker had passed.

So, Happy One Year Looking Glass Reads!

Now that we’re a year old we’ve worked out some kinks in the system and are ready for the next year to come!

This next year we have big plans. This month’s we’ve started something new – Manga Monday’s. Every Monday we will be posting a review of a manga title. New titles, older titles – everything is game! And if there isn’t a review, you can be sure we’ll post something manga related for you to enjoy.

On a related note, I have an awful lot of graphic novel reviews backed up in the review queue, but I don’t want to flood the blog with these reviews o the point where science fiction and fantasy novels feel ignored. To remedy this I’ve been considering a special day of the week dedicated to nothing but graphic novels. We’re still ironing out some of the details on this, so look for an update soon!

Also coming this year is greater dedication to the Throwback Thursday posts. I’ll admit, sometimes I get bogged down with upcoming releases I’m trying to get through. Other times life just gets in the way. For whatever reason it always seems to be the Throwback Thursday posts that suffer during these times. Well, this year something will always be posted on Thursday, and with any luck it will always be a title that’s a little older you may have missed the first time around.

What would you like to see on Looking Glass Reads? More articles? A specific series reviewed? Interviews with authors? Let us know!

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    Shannon Parker says

    I would love to see more of all of the above! I enjoy reading the articles and looking for things to add to my ever-growing to-be-read pile.

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