Book Worm Problems: The Return of the Reading Slump

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Apparently me and my reading slumps have a pattern. This time last year I posted an article about the troubles of reading slumps. And, where am I again? In a reading slump. Maybe there’s something about the months of April and May for my brain that says it’s not the time to read? Maybe it’s because for years these were the months at school full of test prep, final papers and projects and the final push to the end of the year. For now, that’s my theory. However, in an attempt to battle back I’m revisiting my own advice and seeing what may help snap me out of this year’s slump! 

  1. Switch Genres
    I’d been reading fantasy most of this year so, when the reading slump hit I was in the middle of a fantasy book that I just couldn’t pick back up. Which sucks because I was very much into the book but while switching jobs and going through a purge of stuff I lost reading time and then couldn’t get back in. So I’m currently reading a mystery/thriller book, or well, I’m trying to. The reading slump has seeped into these pages as well but I’m doing a bit better than with my fantasy book, at least.
  2. Read something light
    This time I’ve resorted to fanfiction. And, it worked, for reading more fanfiction. I couldn’t get back to my book despite how much I was reading fanfiction. Fun to read but frustrating for not breaking the slump when it comes to published works.
  3. Read reviews
    I have read so many reviews in the last month. Reviews on this site done by my amazing (and much better blogger) friend Katie. Reviews on other book blog sites. Reviews on GoodReads and Amazon. Some piqued my interest (hence the mystery novel I chose for my genre switch) while others made me wonder why I had bought a few books in the first place. Moral of the story? Read reviews at your own risk!
  4. Re-read an old favorite
    My attempt at going back was through audio book, this time I gave The Hunger Games a try. I fell back in love with the characters I’ve always loved in this series and it made me miss the feeling of discovering new characters and places so it did help me pick up my books again on days where I didn’t have the desire.
  5. Switch up how you read
    See above with the audio book review of The Hunger Games. It definitely helped me because I was able to do other things (crochet, cook, work out) while reading.
  6. Get some recommendations
    I asked a friend who had marked my challenge book as “read” on her GoodReads account how she liked it. She demanded I jump back in so she could talk to someone about it. (Cassi, if you see this, I’m really trying.)
  7. Watch a book based movie or show
    I went back to a TV standby of mine, Pretty Little Liars. I’d read the books (and ripped through the entire series fairly quickly mind you) and while there were changes between the books and the show I found I did love the show too and when watching it I longed for the story and characters to be back in my head. So, again, this helped me miss the thrill that comes with reading.
  8. Set the mood
    I curled up in my reading nest with a cup of tea beside me and settled in, window open, fan on, light blanket over me. And it worked. I was able to read a few chapters this past weekend which was amazing because I hadn’t gotten through that much in a while. Thank you reading nest and nice weather!
  9. Focus on your goal
    I’m sticking to my old standby of I must read for at least twenty minutes a day. And it’s helping me because once I get into an interesting chapter or story arc I have continued reading. Another thing that helped is telling my boyfriend and family to make sure I’m reading a little each day so there’s always someone asking me if I’ve read yet and it’s a great reminder.
  10. Reorganize your shelves
    My particular way of organizing (alphabetical order by author last name) is still my go to. However, this weekend I am hoping to pull all my books down, sort through them, dust everything off and reset my shelf lights (new batteries, replace bad lights, etc) so that when everything is back on the shelf it will look nice and clean which will make me feel better for having such a huge to be read pile.

So, what’s working for me this time may not work for you and may not work for me when this apparent yearly reading slump sneaks back up next year but for now I’m much farther in my fantasy book than I expected to be given the slump and I’m enjoying my mystery book a lot. Fingers crossed I get through these soon so I can post reviews and contribute more as well as reaching my reading goal this year!

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