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Okay, so we all know Katie is awesome about writing awesome reviews and articulating her thoughts. Me, on the other hand? *WOMP WOMP*

So, rather than just whining about how awesome she is and my lack of awesomeness I wanted to look at why I struggle to write reviews. I came up with a list. No excuses, mind you, because for every book I’ve read since my last review went up I have a review started. I just have to edit it so it is possible to understand my ramblings and sounds a bit more articulate than simply saying “read this yesterday” or “never touch this.”

So, here we go. The list.

  1. Series – I am a series addict. Therefore, I run into the issue of wanting to read the series and then, wanting to tell everyone about the amazing moments in the series and realize, mid-sentence, mid-review, I am spoiling the entire book or in some cases major plot points in the series. Literally, for me, to encourage someone to read sometimes the only thing I can say, without spoiling is “massive plot twists ahead, prepare yourself.” And that, while true, isn’t a full, proper review. But for series that go on for more than 4 books you run into the issue of wanting someone to understand how amazing, how mind-blowing the series is as it grows but you don’t want to ruin it.
  2. Timing – if I don’t write down my thoughts quickly I lose what I wanted to say. This is rather inconvenient when I’m reading right before bed (or when I’m procrastinating on going out cause I’d rather stay in and read), listening to an audio book while at the gym or driving, etc. So, not ideal timing. And, in some cases (driving, lifting heavy things, etc) not safe to literally stop what I’m doing to write it down.
  3. Memory – see above. I lose what I want to say. Also, with series, when I binge through them I honestly forget what happens in each book. I just know the story arc and I’m obsessed. Also, I tend to run into the issue where I am convinced a certain plot point happened in book number three when it happened in book five. This ties into my binge reading series books.
  4. Editing – I’m a perfectionist. So right now, this article has been edited within an inch of it’s digital life. So imagine how long it takes me to edit a proper review. Yeah, there are problems here.

So my question is, for anyone else who writes reviews, what are your struggles? Am I just lazy? Or, just too much of a perfectionist?

Currently working on several reviews and actually posting them so (hopefully) I can get my act together. No time like the present.

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