Thank You, The Write Reads!

A faux wax seal which reads 'A Proud Member of The Write Reads Bloggers Supporting Bloggers"

Today, I want to give a huge shout-out to The Write Reads blogger group and Dave, the tireless lover-of-books and supporter-of-bloggers who runs things.

Let me be honest. I started a blog for two reason. First, I love books! Second, it’s much easier for me to shout into the endless void of the internet than to, you know, meet new people and hold face to face conversations. For years I was perfectly happy to run this blog with my co-blogger. Then, one day, I climbed out on a limb hanging way above my comfort zone, and joined The Write Reads.

I’d seen some of the Posts of the Day and Reviews of the Day when scrolling through my twitter feed, and quickly started following the account, always looking forward to the next day’s posts. Then, when Dave sent out a message asking if anyone wanted to join, I found myself stepping way way out of my comfort zone and saying yes.

Dave is, without a doubt, a Good Human. The Write Reads is such a welcoming and supportive community. Dave is always right there with quick responses to questions and ready with support for your blog, blogging, books, and just you as a human.

There are so many wonderful book bloggers in The Write Reads gang. The chats, the sharing of posts (and related stats boosts), giveaways, and huge blog tours. It’s all wonderful. It’s a safe, welcoming place to meet other bloggers.

So, thank you, Dave. Thank you for starting such a wonderful group, and thank you for supporting us through everything. We appreciate all the time and effort you put into supporting the gang.

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