Updates! BBNYA 2020, Anime NYC 2019, Funimation Article!

Hello, all! I know its been a little quiet here the last few weeks, but that’s because there’s been so many awesome things happening. I was temping for Scholastic for the past two months which was amazing. While that venture might be coming to a close, there’s plenty of interesting things in the pipeline!

Funimation Freelance Writing
So. I’ve started freelance writing for Funimation! Yeah, that Funimation. My first article is on Eureka Seven. Take a look!

Anime NYC 2019
I also attended Anime NYC this past weekend. It was a truly amazing time. Meeting other bloggers as well as freelance editors and translators was absolutely amazing. There were a LOT of awesome announcements made at the convention – like J-Novel Club starting up a shojo light novel imprint. Hopefully, I’ll get everything together for a longer post soon!

BBNY 2020
If you haven’t heard, there’s a fantastic new award for indie writers this year! The Write Reads and lots of bloggers are getting together for the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award, which is being supported by the Folio Society (you know, those people who make the really pretty books)!

The official announcement can be found over on the wonderful Servillas Speaks blog.

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