Review- Her Mother’s Grave (Detective Josie Quinn #3)

Her Mother's Grave (Detective Josie Quinn #3)
By: Lisa Regan
Release Date: July 19th, 2018
Publisher: Bookouture
Series: Detective Josie Quinn

Well here we go with more of Josie Quinn’s attitude and more of Lisa Regan’s fantastic plot twists.

Something as simple as dental records are so vital to police investigations these days and the same is true in Josie’s world as she hunts for answers surrounding found bones, a strange dental condition and the name of someone she knows but, perhaps, she doesn’t know the person as she believes she does.

Really we’re getting to the point in the series that we cannot go too in depth on the plot as there are a lot of spoilers to be found in this book. We see answers for why Josie is how she is at times (hello crazy, abusive mother) and we finally understand Josie’s connection to Trinity Payne, the obnoxious reporter that dogs Josie’s investigations and whom Josie has some resemblance to.

In this book there is the drama, action and suspense we need to drive a series like this one as well as a touch of romance and emotional moments that help us connect a little more to our difficult chief of police.

The writing is solid and entertaining, the pace quick and forceful enough to keep me reading until late at night. We see character growth and relationships being built as they move forward.

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Brittney is a writer, reader and general lover of all things that end up printed on a page. With a few published poems and a lot of unpublished stories and novels she spends her days doing a nine to five job while wishing she was home working on the worlds she loves to create. As “punishment”, her and her brothers were banned from watching television for a week, leading to Brittney deciding that the free books at the library were better than TV and, in a very Matilda fashion, she took home loads of books every day and has never looked back. A reader of all types of literature, she will read practically anything put in front of her as long as something within it, no matter how small, sparks her interest. Give her high fantasy, science fiction, mystery, it doesn’t matter, but her love does lie within the fantasy and YA genres. A series junkie on top of everything else, she picks and chooses when to begin a series based on how many standalone books also await her attention in her to be read pile. Once she starts a series she will read every installment available back to back until she finishes a series or is forced to wait for the next publication. Called a book dragon by her boyfriend, the term is fitting as she owns more books than anything else and is quite sure her obituary will state she died under an avalanche of books. She truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

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