#MangaMonday Review – My Hero Academia Vol 10 by Kohei Horikoshi

My Hero Academia Vol. 10
By: Kohei Horikoshi
Release Date: (Original Japanese) September 2, 2016; (English) November 7, 2017
Publisher: VIZ Media
Series: My Hero Academia
Received From: Publisher
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Happy Manga Monday everyone! I think it’s safe to assume that’s we’ve all been waiting on the edge of our seats for the release of the next volume of My Hero Academia. Well, that day is tomorrow and I am here with an early review of My Hero Academia Volume 10 by Kohei Horikoshi.

This is usually the part of the review where I link up my reviews of previous volumes of series and give a disclaimer on how I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possible. Well, due to the brand new Manga Monday for the blog, a backlog of reviews for all nine previous volumes in the series, and a release date of tomorrow I decided to go ahead with Volume 10’s review first. Reviews of previous titles will be posted, however, and I’ll update this section accordingly.

Review – I Hate Fairyland Vol 1 by Skottie Young

I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1: Madly Ever After
By: Skottie Young
Website: http://skottieyoung.com/
Release Date: April 20, 2016
Publisher: Image Comics
Series: I Hate Fairyland #1

One of the parts that I love so much about this series as a whole is that, yeah, the idea of a world that is perfect and charming in every way would become very frustrating and annoying very There is nothing I love more than completely over the top humor or stories that point out flaws and misconceptions in things usually considered ‘good’, ‘normal’, or ‘benign’. I Hate Fairyland Vol 1: Madly Ever After by Skottie Young does both of these things with near perfection.

New Release! – Warcross by Marie Lu

By: Marie Lu
Release Date: September 12, 2017
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Series: Warcross #1
Received From: Publisher
(All reviews are our own, honest opinions.)

After a major reading slump in September and October, I’m back to my normal reading pace and have tackled several novels that have been sitting around for much too long. The first of these is a fan favorite and one I’d been meaning to read for a long time. I’ve done it. I’ve finally read Warcross by Marie Lu.